Hydraulic splitter work under the statically hydraulic environment can be controlled, it will not bring any dangerous compare to explosion, impact demolition.

2.Environmental protection:

When hydraulic splitter is working, it will not give vibration, impact, noise and dust, no any affect to surrounding environment. It works interference-free even indoor, in densely populated area or beside other equipments.


Hydraulic splitter can be continuous working to complete splitting process in several seconds, the cost of function and maintenance is very low, extremely effective and economical.


Easy to learn and use, only one people can operation; hydraulic splitter has long working life, convenient maintenance, the splitters and power station are easy carrying.


It is difference to traditional demolition methods, hydraulic splitter can ensure division direction, shape and size of remove part in advance, thus the division and dismantling are in high precision.


Hydraulic splitter is compact, light, high split force, can work convenience indoor or narrow ground, also can work under the water.

MODEL TZ-750 TZ-1000
Weight 650kgs 690kgs
Drilling diameter Φ102mm Φ102mm/Φ115mm/Φ127mm
Drilling depth 1400mm-1700mm 1700mm-1900mm
Split Force 1700t 2200t(1700t)
Split Distance 25mm 25mm
Wedge Diameter Φ102mm Φ115mm/Φ127mm
Wedge length 750mm 1000mm
Split length 3100mm 3300mm
Hydraulic Cylinder length 1800mm 2100mm
Oil Pressure(Min/Max) 24Mpa-28Mpa 24Mpa-28Mpa